Tuscan holiday villa in chianti

Getting to Tuscany

Before you leave...

Around 1 month before you are due to arrive we'll send you a document with instructions of how to get here along with a few other useful tips. Please do yourself a big favour: print off this document and bring it with you. 90% of those who get lost forgot bring it with them. This page is a summary of those instructions, plus more info, such as travel directions from all the major Italian airports.

Don't forget to hire a car. You'll need it to get to and from Patrignone, and without it you'll miss out on the vast majority of the real treasures of Tuscany, the stunning scenery, the beautiful hill-top towns, the country restaurants and the local wineries of course.

How to get to Italy

By air - from your local airport you should be able to fly directly to Pisa or Florence. Pisa is usually better for the low-cost carriers, though Meridiana and BA have recently dropped their prices to Florence. We are conveniently situated within a short travelling distance of both these airports; the drive will take you around 1 1/4 hours from Pisa, 45 mins from Florence. If you are flying to another airport, directions on how to reach us are listed below. We would advise you to collect a car at the airport, though it is generally cheaper to arrange car hire online in advance.

Haven't ever found a single car-hire company who are universally good, but based on our guest reports, Eurocar seem pretty good at the moment, avoid Hertz, Sixt, and anything RyanAir related.

Alternatively, here's a car hire rate calculator we're testing out this year. Seems to work well, is cheap, and no bad reports as yet.


By rail - if you are travelling through Europe by rail on your route to Italy, then why not take the chance and stop off at a few different places along the way?

Try this site for timetables and ticket prices - very useful. 

By road - if you have decided to bring your car with you, take some time to wander through the breathtaking areas of Europe and Italy. The motorway networks are convenient and easy to use, though be ready to pay a toll on most of them.

Do you have a 'sat nav'?

Bring it. It´ll make your life here much easier. Make sure you have Italian maps loaded (of course). If you want to add us as a 'point of interest' or favourite, the coordinates to enter are:

D.D n 43.4957 e 11.2386
D M.M n 43° 29.743' e 11° 14.315'



n 43° 29' 44.6" e 11° 14' 18.9"

This will take you to the top of our drive. Just follow the road down to us.

Here's a Google map if you'd like a closer look.

Directions from Pisa Airport

If you'd like something a little more detailed, try these directions from Google, otherwise, these directions should be sufficient:

As an alternative to the slightly tricky bit between Ginestra Fiorentina and San Casciano (above) you can stay on the FI-PI-LI until you reach the A1 outside Florence, take the A1 south towards Roma until you reach the IMPRUNETA exit. Leave the motorway, pay the toll (around €1), and when you get to the roundabout, turn 1st right, following the signs to Siena "4 corsie" (4 lanes) via the superstrada. Then follow the directions from ۞ above. It doesn't work out much further, and might be a little easier, especially at night. However, avoid this route at rush-hour.

Directions from Florence Airport

Directions from Castellina in Chianti (or Poggibonsi)

Directions from other places

If you are already in Italy and driving to us, your route will depend where you are coming from (of course!). Make sure you have a good map of the area. You should be able to head to Florence, Siena, or Castellina in Chianti, and follow the directions above.

You can always use one of the Google maps below; just change the start point to wherever it is you are coming from.

Tip: avoid cross-country routes, especially at night. Always head to Florence or Siena along major routes first.

Directions from the major airports 

Speed cameras and Traffic limitations zones (RTZ) in Florence, Siena and Pisa

Here is a detailed article that says everything that needs to be said on the subject, but some key points are:



43°30'N 11°14'E

Our exact position