Tuscan holiday villa in chianti


The fields are filled with wild flowers, the swallows and house-martins are rushing around looking for places to nest, the air is clear and fresh. The whole of Tuscany is rich and verdant, the trees full of blossom. And the nights are still cool, with the woods alive with fire-flies, so you’ll have no problems with the heat, and there are very few mosquitoes around. Add to that the fact that the numbers of visitors to the region is no where near its peak (no 3-hour queues to get into the Uffizi), and you have several very good reasons to come to Tuscany at this time of year.


There are some very important festivals and events for you to see too:


March sees the first of this year’s wild asparagus (and we have plenty here at Patrignone…we’ll show you where to look and what to look for). April brings lovely artichokes and, most surprisingly, amazing strawberries (said by locals to help the body throw off winter-accumulated toxins). With Easter, this is also the season for lamb (and you’ve not tasted lamb until you’ve had it here). May brings evening displays of fireflies, and fields of poppies, as well as the first of the spring veg: broad beans, young peas, zucchini, cherries and capers. The weather is quite warm enough to justify trips to the gelateria.

What if it rains?

Don't worry - there's plenty to do!

Here are some ideas...


Definitely my favourite time of year...