Tuscan holiday villa in chianti


There is a market here in Chianti every day of the week, and dozens of markets daily all over Tuscany. They tend to offer a mixture (or all of) the following:

All these are within a half an hour or so of Patrignone.

Market days in Tuscany

Near us, these are the markets we tend to use the most:

All these are morning markets and will be shut by 1pm approx.

Antique markets in Tuscany

There are lots of other markets that are worthwhile exploring:

This link has a good list of antique markets and flea markets, if that's your thing. (Thanks to Linda B. for the info.)

This is not an exhaustive list and there are several markets in Florence selling various wares every day of the week. It is a great opportunity to sample local cuisine as the stall holders are keen for anyone to try before they buy.

Market tours in Tuscany

We'e found this great looking market tour that runs on a Monday in Florence. Not tried it ourselves yet but it looks fantastic fun!